Supreme Pent

The Supreme Pent is higher than the Popular Pent has a choice of ten standard door & window configurations including a forward-sloping option, see schematics above (click on the 'Door Positions' tab). Right or left-hand hinges can be specified. This shed has a fully framed, three foot wide door as standard with thicker and additional framing compared to the Popular Pent. It is of full tongue & groove construction, including the floor and roof boards. Available in twelve standard sizes with non-standard sizes available to order. Comes with door handle, door drip strip, lock and key.  Prices include delivery, installation & VAT.

When comparing the Supreme Pent to the Popular Pent, the main differences are; The Supreme has a 3ft wide door (2'6" on the Popular), the door on the Supreme is approx 12cm higher than the door on the Popular, the Supreme range of sheds is one board higher (approx 12cm) than the Popular range, the internal framing is thicker & more framing is used, the Supreme sheds have fluted fasciae, door handle and door-drip.  The Supreme range is available in more sizes that the Popular range, we can also do non-standard sizes and make some bespoke changes to the Supreme range of sheds.  The Supreme Pent has the option of forward-sloping as well as rear sloping, the Popular Pent is rear-sloping only.

Standard Sizes: 6x4, 6x5, 7x5, 6x6, 8x6, 10x6, 8x8, 12x6, 10x8, 12x8, 14x8, 16x8.

Number of windows if door is in long side:
6x4, 6x5, 6x6 - 1 window, 7x5, 8x6, 8x8 - 2 windows. All other sizes have 3 windows.

Number of windows if door is in the end:
6x4, 6x5, 7x5, 6x6 - 3 windows. All other sizes have 4 windows. Available without windows or with fewer windows if requested.

Height at front: 2170mm (4' and 5' deep) or 2245mm (6' and 8' deep)
Height at back: 1987mm

Supreme Pent

The prices below include delivery, installation & VAT.  These prices are applicable for addresses within approx. 65 miles of Birmingham. If you are outside this delivery area, please click here for further information and prices.

 Supreme Pent  Optional Extras
Building Size (length x width)
Price Delivered & Fitted
Tanalised & Fitted
Factory Painted & Fitted
3" x 3" Tanalised Bearers
Toughened Glass 4mm
3/4" (18mm) Heavy Duty Floor
Premium  Felt
Wall Lining
6x4 £460 £595 £595
£35 (4) £14 £30 £34 £65
6x5 £535 £695 £695
£40 (4) £14 £39 £39 £83
7x5 £580 £755 £755 £40 (4) £28 £47 £42 £95
6x6 £615 £795 £795 £45 (4) £14 £47 £42 £95
8x6 £650 £845 £845 £45 (4) £28 £65 £55 £129
10x6 £815 £1,060 £1,060 £55 (5) £42 £77 £64 £163
8x8 £830 £1,080 £1,080 £60 (4) £28 £85 £68 £174
12x6 £945 £1,230 £1,230 £55 (5) £42 £95 £73 £189
10x8 £995 £1,295 £1,295 £70 (5) £42 £100 £73 £214
12x8 £1,195 £1,560 £1,560 £70 (5)
£42 £124 £87 £254
14x8 £1,350 £1,755 £1,755 £98 (7) £42 £149 £98 £298
16x8 £1,535 £1,995 £1,995 £98 (7) £42 £165 £111 £336

Please note, the price for toughened glass is for door positions B, D, F & H.  Add £11 (1 pane) for other door positions.


Building Options

Building made to go through doorway       
+12% of standard building cost
Jig Alteration £45
Heavy Duty Shelving £6.65 per foot (fitted)

Shed Door Options Standard            Tanalised / Painted
Stable Door £71 £92
Double Doors 4' £145 £190
Double Doors 5' £170 £220
Double Doors 6' £210 £275

Window Options

To convert a fixed window to an opening window    £55 per pane
Extra Fixed Windows £55 per pane
Leaded Windows £25 per pane
Perspex Instead of Glass £17 per pane

To download the full list of optional extras please click here

Pent Door Position A Pent Door Position B Pent Door Position C Pent Door Position D Pent Door Position E Pent Door Position F Pent Door Position G Pent Door Position H Pent Door Position I Pent Door Position J

Your garden building can be spray-painted in a range of different colours.  The building gets factory dipped in the standard way; it will then receive 2 coats of Teknos spray paint to give it a beautiful finish.  You can have the building painted all in one colour or choose a primary colour for the main body of the shed and a secondary colour for the fascias, door and trim.  Please note as timber is a natural product, over time the knots in the timber may 'bleed' and start to show through some of the paint colours.  You will receive a touch up pot of your chosen colour(s), further paint can be ordered in the future if you want to re-coat the building entirely.  This colour chart is a guide only; we have the actual paint colours on display at our show site if you need to see the exact colour.

Holly Green
Thorpe Cloud
Chase Green
Blue John
Atlantic Surf
Nut Brown
Asparagus Spear
Nature's Hill
Leafy Herb
Deep Blue Sea
Seaside Blue
Frothy Mocha
Mink Sheen
Industrial Chic
Misty Morning
Urban Field
Black Olive
Shale Grey
Silver Sixpence
Bizzy Izzy
Moon Dust
Lemon Sherbet
Osborne House
Berry Magic
Pink Bon Bon
Fresh Cream
Just White