Wooden Garden Sheds

At Jacksons we sell a huge range of quality wooden garden sheds and garden storage buildings. We have around 85 buildings on display at our show site in Birmingham. They range from basic Tongue & Groove garden sheds up to more specialised Heavy Duty Buildings.

Our wide range of quality wooden garden sheds include as standard; delivery, installation, timber treatment and a full tongue & groove construction. There are various optional extras available such as shelving, opening windows, heavy duty floor, heavy duty felt and tanalised timber. In addition we offer made to measure wooden sheds, a slab base laying service* or old shed removal*.       

*Available locally only




Wooden Garden Sheds

Tanalised Buildings

Tanalised Buildings - to complement our range of factory treated buildings we offer a tanalised timber option using genuine Tanalith E product which gives an anti-fungal rot guarantee of 15 years.  We strongly recommend having the 3x3 Tanalised Bearers when specifying a Tanalised Shed.  N.B. Tanalised buildings still need a coat of timber treatment from time to time to protect from the elements.

Tanalised Bearers

Tanalised Bearers - Prolong the life of your shed by raising it up on tanalised bearers. These 3" x 3" pressure-treated timbers allow additional air circulation under your building thus protecting your floor joists and floorboards during wet weather.

Additional Windows / Opening Wind

Additional Windows / Opening Windows - Convert existing fixed windows into openers or add additional windows as required.   

Double Doors

Double Doors - Convert a standard single door to a pair of double doors.  Choose from 4ft, 5ft or 6ft wide.  The Supreme Workshop comes with Double Doors as standard.

Lining Paper 

Lining Paper - The interior of the walls are lined with a building paper. This is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Felt Roof Tiles

Felt Roof Tiles - Available in 4 different colours, this is a popular addition for playhouses and summerhouses but is available on all buildings. Colours - Black, Red, Green and Brown.


2'6" Verandah - Enhance the appearance of your building by adding a verandah to the front, includes extended deck floor area and side sections.

4ft Verandah

4ft Verandah - a larger alternative to the 2'6" verandah, this verandah has front returns in order to support the 4ft additional roof overhang.


Cedar-Clad Buildings

Cedar-Clad Buildings - cedar wall cladding is offered as an option on most of our buildings.  Cedar prolongs the life expectancy of buildings as well a being aesthetically pleasing.

Log-Lap Cladding

Log-Lap Cladding - most of the sheds, summerhouses and playhouses can be built from Log Lap / Barrel Board wall cladding to give a log cabin effect building.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving - 18" deep shelves can be fitted into most buildings at a height / length to suit you. Supplied and fitted un-treated.

Cedar Clad Roof

Cedar Clad Roof - A lovely addition, cedar-clad roofing will enhance the appearance of any building.

Painted buildings

Painted buildings - Most of the sheds, summerhouses or playhouses can be factory spray painted in a choice of 30 different colours. The components are fully dipped first in a base coat and then are factory sprayed (2 coats) in a choice of up to 3 colours per building. A spare tub of your primary colour choice is supplied with the building with further spare tins of paint for complete re-coating are also available.

Heavy-Duty Felt - Up-grading to thicker green mineral felt on the roof, ideal to prolong the life of your building.

18mm Heavy Duty Floor - A really popular optional extra, ideal for buildings that are used regularly or if heavy items are to be stored inside.

18mm Shiplap Wall Cladding - Standard on the Ryton Shed but can be added as an option to most buildings.

Extra Height - Increase the height of your building as required.

Building Made To Go Through Doorway - Some larger buildings, when build as standard, will not fit through a doorway, if access to the back garden is restricted. These larger buildings can be manufactured in smaller components if necessary.

This is just a selection of the optional extras that are available. Please see the price list for the complete range.

Wooden Garden Sheds


DOOR: 2'6" Width
FRAMING: 50mm x 32mm planed and rounded
WALL CLADDING: 12mm Whitewood Shiplap Tongue & Groove Boards
FLOOR BOARDS: 12mm Whitewood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards (18mm is optional)
ROOF BOARDS: 12mm Whitewood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards
ROOF FELT: Standard Green Mineral Felt (Heavy-Duty Felt is optional)


DOOR: 3' Width (except on 6x4 apex, 2'6")
FRAMING: 50mm x 38mm planed and rounded
WALL CLADDING: 12mm Redwood Shiplap Tongue & Groove Boards
FLOOR BOARDS: 12mm Redwood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards (18mm is optional)
ROOF BOARDS: 12mm Redwood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards
ROOF FELT: Standard Green Mineral Felt (Heavy Duty Felt is optional)


WALL FRAMING: 50mm x 50mm planed and rounded
DOOR : 75mm x 50mm planed and rounded framing, 3ft wide with Heavy Duty Tee Hinges
WALL CLADDING: 12mm Redwood Shiplap Tongue & Groove Boards
FLOOR BOARDS: 12mm Redwood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards (18mm is optional)
ROOF BOARDS: 12mm Redwood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards
ROOF TRUSSES: 75mm x 50mm planed and rounded
ROOF FELT: Standard Green Mineral Felt (Heavy Duty Felt is optional)
WINDOW: Joinery Framed with centre opener


WALL FRAMING: 75mm x 50mm planed and rounded
DOOR: 75mm x 50mm planed and rounded framing, 3ft wide with Hook & Band Galvanised Hinges
WALL CLADDING: 18mm Redwood Shiplap Tongue & Groove Boards
FLOOR BOARDS: 18mm Redwood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards
ROOF BOARDS: 12mm Redwood Tongue & Groove "V" Boards
ROOF TRUSSES: 75mm x 50mm planed and rounded
ROOF FELT: Heavy Duty Green Mineral Felt
WINDOW: Joinery Framed with centre opener

(All measurements are nominal - if exact measurements are required, please contact us)







Wooden Garden Sheds

What is included in the price?
All prices include delivery, installation, timber treatment and VAT. Delivery restrictions apply. Please click "Prices & Delivery" for more details.  The 'Popular' range of buildings are delivered-only with an optional extra of installation, these are the Popular Apex, Popular Pent, Popular Hobby and Popular Cabin.

Has the timber on my new shed been treated?

Yes the buildings are fully submerged in the dip-tank at the factory.  They are treated with a Protek water-based treatment product in 'Red Cedar' colour.  We recommend that the sheds are further treated with a quality timber treatment on an annual basis.

Can you provide an installation service?
Yes, it is included in the price except the 'Popular' range of buildings, see above.  There are sometimes discounts available for "delivery only" or even further savings if the building is collected from our show site.

Are the shed dimensions internal or external?
The dimensions given are external and in most instances are full Imperial measurements. When measuring, please allow for roof overhang of approx 6" all the way around.

What base do I need for my wooden shed?
A flat, level slab or concrete base, the same size as the shed as a minimum or ideally, slightly larger.  Take care when laying a base near to a boundry fence or wall, please bear in mind that all sheds have side and rear roof overhang.  If you need to know the overhang dimensions please ask for details.  Wooden decking also makes an ideal base providing it is flat, level and of sufficient size.

What kind of access do I need into the back garden?
Please consider the dimensions of your shed when ordering. Some of the larger buildings require 8ft height access for some of the sections to be carried to the base. We do not take buildings over garage roofs, high fences, walls etc. If necessary, sheds can be custom made in smaller components so they can fit through a restricted access. This normally carries a surcharge.

Is a Tanalised Shed maintenance-free?
No it's not.  A tanalised building will still require on-going treatment, probably not as much maintenance and care will be required compared to the standard dipped treatment though. Our tanalised buildings are made from timber that has been pressure-impregnated with a chemical called 'Tanalith E', also known as the tanalising process.  This gives the timber an anti-fungal rot guarantee but the timber will still need to be protected from inclement weather, ideally once a year with a good quality garden building treatment.

What is the delivery lead time?
This can vary depending on the time of year.  During the Winter it can be 10 - 14 days, during the Spring and Summer it can be 3-4 weeks.  It can sometimes be a bit longer if you aren't in the Birmingham / Midlands area.  We keep some standard Apex sheds in stock if you require a shed urgently.

What are the payment terms for wooden sheds?
We take a small deposit and the balance is payable to the installers either in cash or by credit / debit card.  (There is no extra charge for cards).

What guarantee do I get with my building?
A 12 month guarantee against leakage, door sticking, lock failing etc. As timber is a natural product we recommend that you treat your shed within 3 months of installation and once a year thereafter.

Can you do "made to measure" buildings?
Yes we can, within reason, as long as the shed is square or rectangular. If you require a 9'x 4' or 10'x 5' for example, please refer to the next standard size up - 10'x 6'. This will give you a rough idea of price. For an exact price, please contact us. We cannot supply 'L'-shaped buildings or sheds that taper from front to back or that do not have 90 degree corners.