The Lotus Apex - Heritage Green

The Lotus Apex steel shed is a great looking steel building, The Heritage (dark) Green colour is available in 10 sizes ranging from 6x3 up to 10x12.  They are available in 3 widths; 6ft, 8ft and 10ft, the sliding doors are always on the front (width) of the shed.  This model has a main colour of Heritage Green with Smooth Cream doors, fasciae and roof sheets.  It can be erected directly on a slab or concrete base using the Hilti-screws; otherwise a Timber Floor Kit or Steel Foundation Kit is available.  See the 'Optional Extras' tab for details.  The frame and base rails are made from heavy gauge galvanised steel, all sizes have a standard wall height of 178cm and feature ventilated gables.

Sizes available (width x depth): 6x3, 6x4, 6x5, 6x6, 6x8, 8x3, 8x5, 8x6, 8x8, 10x6, 10x8, 10x12.  The sliding doors are always on the shed's width.

Ridge height on the 10ft wide - 202cm, on the 8ft - 198cm, on the 6ft - 193cm.  Wall height on all models is 178cm.

Door opening size on the 8ft and 10ft wide - 104cm, on the 6ft wide - 69cm.  Door opening height on all models is 170cm.

The Lotus Apex - Heritage Green

Product Name - Width x Depth Price Delivered


Foundation Kit Wooden Floor Kit Hilti Screws*
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 6x3 £199 £129 £55 £55 £12
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 6x4 £219 £139 £60 £90 £12
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 6x5 £229 £149 £65 £105 £12
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 6x6 £289 £169 £75 £125 £12
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 6x8 £339 £179 £85 £140 £13
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 8x3 £249 £169 £60 £100 £12
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 8x5 £289 £179 £75 £140 £13
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 8x6 £319 £179 £90 £165 £13
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 8x8 £409 £199 £110 £220 £13
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 10x6 £409 £219 £100 £200 £14
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 10x8 £429 £239 £110 £275 £14
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 10x10 £499 £289 £135 £345 £14
Lotus Apex Heritage Green 10x12 £579 £339 £155 £395 £14

Other Optional Extras:

Translucent Roof Sheets - £22 each, no additional charge for installation of these.

A window Kit for the Lotus Apex sheds is £79. (plus £20 if installation is required).

5-Tier Free-standing Shelving Unit 168cm high x 110cm wide x 40cm deep - £75. (plus £20 if installation is required).

4-Tier Free-standing Shelving Unit 137cm high x 71cm wide x 30cm deep - £45. (plus £20 if installation is required).

The above prices are delivered flat-packed to your door, including VAT; the installation cost is an optional extra. 

Additional installation charges apply to some optional extras; Steel Foundation Kit installation ranges from £12 - £20 depending on size, Timber Floor Kit Installation ranges from £12 to £95 depending on floor size.  Please phone for exact price.

*The Hilti screw fixings are not required if installation is paid for, they are included in with the installation price.

Delivery surcharges apply to offshore destinations or areas in Scotland that are outside Glasgow or Edinburgh postcodes.