The Kensington

This is the phenomenal Kensington 44mm extra large Log Cabin.  Due to the superior manufacturing techniques we are able to offer this super-sized luxury 44mm interlocking cabin within our range.  The Kensington features beautifully crafted double doors, three single windows and a double width window- all draught sealed for excellent heat conservation.

The Kensington

The prices below include delivery and VAT to the majority of mainland England, Wales and Scotland.  There are some exceptions that may carry a surcharge, please ask for details.

 The Kensington Cabin  Optional Extras
Building Size Price Delivered 44mm Cabin Installation Felt Shingle Roof Tiles* Installation of Felt Roof Tiles Guttering & Downpipes 5ft Floor Deck Extension
30x18w £7775 £1229 £995 £229 £239 £449

Double Glazing or Toughened Glass can be specified at £239 or £478 for both.

To convert the doors and windows to Full Pane style (including toughened glass) - £279.

* Shingle Felt Tiles are supplied in place of standard felt, not in addition to.