The Bamber

This spacious Bamber blends both comfort and luxury in to one affordable package.  Complete with double doors and complimenting triple pane windows this is a very modern looking log cabin.  Addition side windows enhance the light and airy feel that you get inside a Bamber and the 44mm thick interlocking logs make this a good solid building.

The Bamber

The prices below include delivery and VAT to the majority of mainland England, Wales and Scotland.  There are some exceptions that may carry a surcharge, please ask for details.

 The Bamber Cabin  Optional Extras
Building Size Price Delivered 44mm Cabin Installation Felt Shingle Roof Tiles* Installation of Felt Roof Tiles Guttering & Downpipes 5ft Floor Deck Extension
12x10w £3425 £749 £269 £129 £109 £329
14x10w £3495 £749 £319 £179 £119 £359
12x12w £3635 £749 £319 £179 £109 £329
14x12w £3845 £749 £349 £179 £119 £359
14x14w £4055 £749 £389 £179 £119 £359

Double Glazing or Toughened Glass can be specified at £199 or £398 for both.

To convert the doors and windows to Full Pane style (including toughened glass) - £249.

* Shingle Felt Tiles are supplied in place of standard felt, not in addition to.

Our Interlocking Cabins are supplied un-treated, we recommend they are treated as soon as possible after installation with a good quality preservative.