Concrete Sheds & Storerooms

Concrete sheds (garden & sectional) - More durable and secure than a timber building, concrete sheds provide a long lasting, low maintenance solution to all your storage problems. From a fairly small shed to a large 'infilled' garage we have a sectional concrete shed to suit every-body's needs.

At Jacksons show site in Birmingham we display concrete prefabricated sheds from both LidgetCompton and Hanson. These precast concrete storerooms can be installed with many maintenance-free and security options. Wider doors for motorbikes or large lawn mowers can be added if necessary.

We provide a no obligation site survey to discuss the removal of an old garage or shed (including asbestos removal), concrete base requirements and measure up for a new concrete shed.

We deliver and install concrete garages anywhere in mainland England, Scotland or Wales.



Concrete Sheds & Storerooms

Personnel Access Door

Personnel Access Door - The majority of concrete sheds come with a 3ft wide timber personnel door.  This can be up-graded to steel personnel door or a wider door as required.  Extra locking bars (3-point locking) can be added to the steel doors at a small price to increase the security of your concrete shed.


Guttering - Specify black, white or brown guttering to the sides of your apex concrete shed or to the rear of your pent shed.  Includes downpipes as necessary.


Sand & Cement Mortar Fillet

Sand & Cement Mortar Fillet - This is optional, but strongly recommended.  A mortar fillet applied to the inside of your garage walls helps to prevent water ingress.

Window Upgrades

Window Upgrades - Most of the buildings are fitted as standard with a timber framed 2ft or 4ft fixed window (dependant on model). This can be up-graded to an opening window or various PVCu options. Laminated security glass is also an option.

Maintenance-Free Fascias

Maintenance-Free Fascias - No need for future painting or maintenance!  Up-grade your fascias with PVCu. Available in white, golden oak or rosewood.  Available on apex and pent buildings.

Translucent Roof Sheets

Translucent Roof Sheets - Let additional natural daylight in through translucent roof sheets. (apex buildings only)


Shelving Options

Shelving Options - There are various shelving solutions available for your concrete garage or shed. The Shelf Stack is available 2ft, 4ft or 6ft wide, six shelves high.

Lining Clips

Lining Clips - these are supplied in a pack of 12 clips, screws and washers. They enable a piece of timber (not supplied) to be fixed to the inside of the garage or shed panels.  This can then be boarded over to line all or part of your building.

Concrete Sheds & Storerooms

Steel reinforced vibrated concrete panels. Panels are connected using 3 bolts per joint, Galvanised steel washers and nuts. Joints are mastic sealed on the LidgetCompton garages with the Hanson Garages having interlocking panels and no mastic.

The Pent garages have heavy-duty C-section galvanised trusses the Apex garages  also have steel roof trusses manufactured and factory welded. They have a coloured primer coating, a top coat of Hammerite or similar is recommended.

Pent - Galvanised steel, 75mm (3") corrugation continuous length sheet (for garages up to 20'3" in length) with a roof sloping from front to rear. All roof sheets are treated with anti-condensation treatment to minimize any condensation problems. Sheets are fixed to galvanised steel, box section trusses with galvanised screws.

Apex - Fibre-cement sheets, 127mm (5") corrugation, 6mm (1/4") thick, fastened with galvanized sheet screws onto primed steel roof trusses and 3"x3" treated timber purlins. Fibre cement close fitting ridge capping is supplied as standard for better weather proofing and less condensation problems. Also available in a choice of colours.

All timber supplied is preservative treated in the factory. Preservative is applied after manufacture by totally immersing the components, ensuring maximum protection. We advise that all exposed timber should be re-treated periodically with a suitable timber preservative, and in accordance with the preservative manufacturer's recommendations.

Personnel access doors
Hormann steel doors to match the up & over doors or softwood timber doors, factory treated.


Timber - All timber windows are single glazed and factory treated with preservative.

PVCu - All PVCu windows are double glazed with 28mm thick sealed units.

Standard fascias are factory treated softwood. PVCu clad fascias in a choice of white, golden oak, rosewood or flat brown are available as a maintenance free alternative to the standard timber fascias.

Brick Front Posts
Available on the Spar range of garages, brick front posts enhance the appearance of the front of your garage. 2 posts on a one door building, 3 posts on a 2 door building. Real brick posts (available in several brick colours) have no external fixings visible and are secured to concrete using traditional methods, including hand pointed mortar lines.  Customers can provide their own bricks (subject to brick type) on the Hanson range of garages.

PVCu, 112mm half round with 68mm diameter pipe and shoe. The down-pipe will be positioned at the rear of the building unless you tell us otherwise, and the pipe will discharge onto the base. Any other arrangement to take away rain water (i.e. into a water butt) is by others. Choice of black, white or brown.

Timber Weather Bar

Not fitted as standard. A profiled timber section bedded on mastic and securely screwed to the base. It will help prevent water and leaves etc. being blown under the door.

Shelf Stack

Six shelves 0.171 (6 3/4") wide and 0.109 (3/4") thick, supplied in 0.610 (2'0"), 1.219 (4'0") and 1.829 (6'0"), with brackets welded on mild steel angle uprights bolted to the wall.

Lining Clips
Pack of 12 galvanised steel lining clips with screws and washers used to fit timber battens to the wall. (Timber supplied by others)

Eaves Filler
Polyethylene foam filler blocks, contoured to the roof sheet profile to help prevent draughts and dust etc.

Sand and Cement Fillet
The sand and cement fillet is laid internally on perimeter walls, and helps to prevent water leaking under the concrete panels.

Concrete Sheds & Storerooms

What is included in the price?
All prices include delivery, installation, VAT and a 10 year guarantee.

Are the shed dimensions internal or external?
The dimensions given are external to the outside of the concrete panels.  When measuring up, please allow for roof overhang and guttering. Internal building dimensions are about 6" (150mm) less than external.

What base do I need for my concrete shed?
A 4" (100mm) thick, flat, level concrete base, 6" (150mm) longer and 6" wider than the shed. We recommend that your base is slightly higher than the surrounding area in order to help keep your building dry.  Slabs, Tarmac or Block Paving are not suitable bases for a concrete shed.

What kind of access do I need for delivery of my building?
As most concrete sheds are in back gardens, good access is required.  The shed components can sometimes be wheeled to the base on a trolley providing the access is fairly flat, level and solid.  Any steps, grass or gravel areas will need to ramped or boarded over to facilitate access.  Our fitters will not carry the shed components through houses, utility rooms or garages.  If this is the only way into the back garden, the shed can be delivered to the front of the house and the customer can carry the sections through and stack them on the concrete base (leaving the edges of the base clear).  The fitter can then return on a pre-agreed date to erect the building.

What is the delivery lead time?
Approximately 3 - 4 weeks. This can sometimes be quicker if you require a building urgently.  Please ask for details.

What guarantee do I get with my building?
The concrete sheds garages carry a 10 year structural guarantee. Personnel doors carry a 2 year guarantee.

Do I need planning permission?
Occasionally, planning permission is required. The Planning department of your local authority should be able to help you further with this.