The Sapphire Apex green shed is a great-value traditional colour apex steel garden building. The sliding doors are always on the front (width) of the shed.  These sheds don’t come with a floor, they can be anchored down to a slab or concrete base using the Hilti screws or they can be erected on a Foundation Kit (optional).

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Sizes - please note

Our sizes below are nominal and not exact. Please consider the roof overhang before ordering. Exact sizing details can be found under the Technical Specification tab.


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x :Overall shed width including roof overhang (roof overhang is 5cm on both sides therefore shed base size is approx. 10cm less than roof size)

y :Ridge height excluding foundation kit (if ordered) this adds 5cm to overall height

z :Eaves height - where the roof starts to slope upwards, excluding foundation kit (if ordered)

Sizes available (width x depth):

5x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x6, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10

5' x 4' 162cm x 122cm X=162cm Y=182cm Z=165cm
6' x 4' 202cm x 122cm X=202cm Y=181cm Z=160cm
6' x 6' 202cm x 182cm X=202cm Y=181cm Z=160cm
8' x 6' 262cm x 182cm X=262cm Y=191cm Z=165cm
8' x 8' 262cm x 242cm X=262cm Y=191cm Z=165cm
10' x 8' 322cm x 242cm X=322cm Y=196cm Z=165cm
10' x 10' 322cm x 302cm X=322cm Y=196cm Z=165cm

N.B. the above measurements are the ROOF measurements; the shed width is approx. 10cm less and the shed depth is 10cm less.


Single door opening (5ft model) – 160cm high x 65cm wide

Double door opening (6ft model) – 155cm high x 81cm wide

Double door opening (8ft model) – 160cm high x 101cm wide

Double door opening (10ft model) – 160cm high x 130cm wide


Wall & roof panels – 0.33mm thick hot dipped galvanised steel

Door panels - 0.33mm thick hot dipped galvanised steel

Base rail - 28 x 20mm galvanised steel

Roof supports – 48 x 26mm galvanised steel

Gables – Front and rear have ventilation gaps

Foundation kit (optional) – 50mm x 50mm ‘C’ section steel

15 year manufacturer’s warranty


Choose to have your metal shed installed on to your prepared base

Hilti Screws and Drill Bit

These fixings secure your shed to a slab base or concreted area. They fit through pre-drilled holes in shed's base rail. Kit supplied with masonry drill bit.

The website price includes VAT and delivery to all addresses in England & Wales. Delivery is also included to addresses in Scotland within the Glasgow and Edinburgh postcode areas. All other addresses in Scotland carry a delivery surcharge; this is price on application, please phone to discuss. The metal and plastic sheds are delivered flat-packed in a box / boxes. If installation is ordered, the installer usually follows-on after the shed has been delivered.

What is the delivery lead time?

The current lead time is up to 2-3 weeks delivered and an additional week if fitting is required.

What is included in the price?

All prices include VAT and delivery to all areas of mainland England, Wales and Scotland flat packed in a box/boxes. Postcodes in Scotland outside Glasgow and Edinburgh postcodes will be subject to a shipping charge.

What size box does my metal shed come in?

The metal sheds are packed in cardboard boxes and measure approximately 180cm x 80cm x 10cm. The boxes can be quite heavy, larger sheds are packed in two or more boxes. Foundation kits are packaged separately.

Can you provide an installation service?

Yes we can. Prices start from around £200 for smaller metal sheds and increase depending on the size of the shed and if any optional extras are required.

What base do i need for my metal shed?

The ideal base is flat, level slabs or concrete. The shed can be fixed down to this using the Hilti screws or you could use a foundation kit or wooden floor kit (see optional extras). If the Hilti-screws are used to fix the building to your slabs, a mastic sealant is recommended to stop water ingress under the shed walls.

Are the shed dimensions internal or external?

The dimensions given are nominal. For more accurate measurements, please refer to each individual product. The base size (footprint) is given along with the overall size including the roof overhang.

What are the payment terms for metal sheds?

The shed, any accessories and installation need to be paid for in full at time of order.

What guarantee do i get with my building?

A 15 year non-perforation rust guarantee. Door glides and plastic fittings are not covered by the guarantee.

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