The Huntington is a great looking contemporary insulated garden room designed for a corner plot.  It boasts full length double doors and 2 full-length windows, one either side that feature a top-opener to allow a bit of air in on a warm day.  

An EPDM one piece rubber roof is included as standard, this has a 20 year guarantee and a 50 year life expectancy.  The pent style roof is less than 2.5m in height at the highest point (above the doors) just in case planning restrictions need to be adhered to.

Available 8’x8’, 9’x9’, 10’x10’, 11'x11' & 12'x12'

Step 1:

Choose your building size

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Sizes - please note

The sizes below are the ‘footprint’ size of the building. Please consider the roof overhang before ordering. More details can be found under the Technical Specification tab.


Step 2:

Check to see if we can deliver to you



x :Gable end size excluding roof overhang (roof overhang is 34cm front & 13cm back if guttering is specified)

y :Highest point of roof excluding 3”x 3” bearers (if ordered)

z :Eaves height - where the roof starts to slope upwards, excluding 3”x 3” bearers (if ordered)


Available in 8'x8', 9'x9', 10'x10', 11'x11' & 12'x12'

8ft x 8ft

243cm x 243cm

X= 243cm

Y= 237cm

Z= 228cm

9ft x 9ft

275cm x 275cm

X= 275cm

Y= 237cm

Z= 228cm

10ft x 10ft

304cm x 304cm

X= 304cm

Y= 237cm

Z= 228cm

11ft x 11ft

335cm x 335cm

X= 335cm

Y= 237cm

Z= 228cm

12ft x 12ft

365cm x 365cm

X= 365cm

Y= 237cm

Z= 228cm


Number of side windows:

8ft x 8ft

 2 - one on either side of the doors, both with top openers

9ft x 9ft

 2 - one on either side of the doors, both with top openers

10ft x 10ft

 2 - one on either side of the doors, both with top openers

11ft x 11ft

 2 - one on either side of the doors, both with top openers

12ft x 12ft

 2 - one on either side of the doors, both with top openers

All sizes come with a 4ft pair of double-glazed UPVC double doors with toughened glass. These come complete with a 3-lever lock and 2 keys. 


Wall cladding – 12mm redwood shiplap tongue & groove

Wall framing – 45mm x 45mm

Wall insulation – 50mm Rockwool or similar

Wall internal cladding – MDF T&G effect boarding.  N.B. the MDF is pre-primed in a neutral colour ready to paint.  It is not recommended as a final finished surface.

Floor construction – 18mm redwood tongue & groove

Floor joists – 45mm x 45mm

Doors size (4ft pair) – 201cm high x 123cm wide

Doors aperture - 183cm high x 105cm

Door furniture – chrome handles

Roof construction – 12mm T&G boards on 70mm x 45mm framing

Roof insulation – 50mm Rockwool or similar

Roof covering – EPDM one-piece rubber roof

Front roof overhang – c.34cm

Side top-opening windows - 201cm x 80cm including frame

Glazing – double-glazed and toughened glass throughout


Internal highest point – 217cm

Internal rear wall height (lowest point) = 210cm

Tanalised Bearers

Prolong the life of your building by raising it up on tanalised bearers. These 3” x 3” pressure-treated timbers allow additional air circulation under your building thus protecting your floor joists and floorboards during wet weather.

Insulated Floor

The walls and roof of the Elite range of summerhouses are insulated as standard. The flooring can be upgraded to be insulated also, recommended for all year round use.


For larger buildings, adding on guttering is a great idea. You could attach a water but at a later date to collect rainwater.

Building Made To Go Through Doorway

Most of the Elite range of buildings have large components when manufactured in the standard way and cannot fit through a doorway with restricted height clearance. These larger buildings can be manufactured in smaller components if necessary if access to the garden is an issue.

Additional Doors

Add another pair of doors to your building, this is a popular optional extra for larger buildings.

Additional Windows

Extra windows can be added if additional light and ventilation is required.

Additional Paint

For spray-painted buildings additional paint can be ordered.

Delivery and installation is included in the price to all of England & Wales. 

Addresses in Scotland please email or phone to enquire giving us your postcode and which model / size you would like.

Sorry we do not deliver the buildings to Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

What is the delivery lead time?

The current lead time is 12 weeks, add an extra week for cedar clad finish.

What is included in the price?

All prices include delivery, installation and VAT. These buildings are insulated as standard (walls and roof), have double glazed doors and windows; currently, external painting and laminate flooring is also included. Delivery restrictions may apply; see the Delivery Information tab for more details.

Has the timber on my new garden room been treated?

Yes the buildings are fully submerged in the dip-tank at the factory, treated with a Protek water-based treatment product. At present the external spray painting is included in the price, your building will receive 2 coats of spray-paint on top of the dip-treated timber.

Can you provide an installation service?

Yes, the price includes delivery & installation providing you have a perfectly flat, level, solid base and good access into the garden.

Are the dimensions given internal or external?

The dimensions given are external and in most instances are full Imperial measurements. When measuring, please allow for roof overhang.

What base do i need for my garden room?

A flat, perfectly level slab or concrete base, the same size as the building as a minimum or ideally, slightly larger. Take care when laying a base near to a boundary fence or wall, please bear in mind that all buildings have side and rear roof overhang. If you need to know the overhang dimensions please ask for details.

Is my new garden room insulated?

Yes, the walls and roof are insulated as standard; an insulated floor can be added as an optional extra. The doors and windows are double glazed and have toughened glass.

What kind of access do i need into the back garden?

Please consider the dimensions of your garden room when ordering. Most buildings require 8ft height access for some of the sections to be carried to the base. We do not take buildings over garage roofs, high fences, walls etc. If necessary, buildings can be custom made in smaller components so they can fit through a restricted access; this carries a 7% surcharge.

What are the payment terms for garden rooms?

We take a 15% deposit if the building is ordered in person at our premises and the balance is payable to the installers either in cash, BACS transfer or by credit / debit card. On-line orders are paid in full at the point of order.

What guarantee do i get with my garden building?

There is a 12 month guarantee against leakage, doors sticking and lock failing.

Can you do made to measure buildings?

Yes we can, within reason, as long as the building is square or rectangular. If you require an 11’ x 7’6” for example, please refer to the next standard size up - 12’ x 8’. We cannot supply buildings with walls that taper from front to back or that do not have 90 degree corners.

What size vehicle will my building be delivered on?

It will be delivered on a Transit sized, flat bed vehicle.

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