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Do you think a garden shed is a man's domain? Think again!

Posted by Martin Smith on 5 April 2014

The humble garden shed has generally been considered the domain of the male of the species, in recent years the phrase 'man cave' has sprung up to re-inforce this image. This article blows that theory out of the water!  See what these ladies are using their garden buildings for.... It makes quite a read......

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Elite Insulated Garden Room used as a home office

Posted by Martin on 31 January 2014

At Jacksons we sell a huge range of quality garden buildings, some of which are insulated and have joinery-made double glazed doors and windows.  These are perfectly suitable for use all year round as a home gym, a hobby room, for summertime relaxing or as a home office like Nick Jones who runs his on-line media business from his Dalbury Elite Building. Read the full artice here.

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Garden summer houses- get the most out of your garden all year

Posted by Martin Smith on 16 September 2013

Winter is drawing ever closer which means many of us will be abandoning the garden throughout the cold months until it warms up again in spring time, our tools safely locked away in the wooden shed. At Jacksons Garden Supplies we are passionate about you getting the most out of your garden and believe winter should not be an obstacle to this. In fact, we believe winter is an opportunity to get even more out of your garden and want to take the time to demonstrate how our garden summer houses are a fantastic purchase that can provide enjoyment no matter the season.

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What do you use your shed for?

Posted by Martin Smith on 31 January 2013

At Jacksons we sell hundreds of different buildings that can have many different uses.  We have customers that have used their buildings for home offices, home gyms or games rooms.  More often than not they are used for storing everyday garden equipment such as the lawn mower and gardening tools.  Nationwide, the top 5 uses are detailed in this article.

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