Metal Sheds Keep Your Belongings Safe

Posted by on 17 October 2013 | 0 Comments

They may lack the rustic charm of garden summer houses, garden rooms and outside workrooms, but metal sheds are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realise the advantages they offer over their wooden counterparts.

The major advantage that metal sheds have over wooden ones is the cost. Metal is cheaper than wood, and has the additional benefit of offering increased security and protection for your belongings. If security is your principal reason for choosing a metal shed then be sure to look for a model which offers the highest level of protection.

Most metal sheds don't require any foundations at all, but where security is an issue you are strongly advised to select an option with a steel floor, which is bolted into a flat concrete surface for maximum protection. Your metal shed will safely store your garden power tools and equipment, along with garden furniture and outdoor toys, keeping them safe from even the most determined thieves.

Another great advantage of metal sheds is the lack of maintenance required to keep them looking good. Unlike wooden models, the metal requires no protection from the elements, and most models come with a minimum standard ten-year guarantee. Depending on the manufacturer, some sheds even come with twenty years of guaranteed performance, making them even more cost-effective in the long term. You can paint your metal shed if you wish, but whether or not you choose to do so, it won't warp, rot or give access to vermin.

You may still need a wooden play house for the kids, but with the storage capacity of a metal shed you won't be needing the kids' play house to double up as garden storage. Installing a metal shed in your garden or courtyard could save you the expense of having to build an extension to your home. With models available designed to fit most situations, the metal shed is a secure, cheap and maintenance-free storage solution which requires no planning permission and no drawings and comes at a low cost.

Have a look through the ranges of metal sheds on this site and see for yourself the variety of sizes and shapes on offer. They are suitable for almost everything, from storing a large family car down to the gas bottles for your caravan.