Embrace the rain this summer with a wooden play house

Posted by Martin Smith on 16 August 2013 | 0 Comments

This July we have experienced one of the hottest and consistent summers for years. However in typical British style, August has been plagued with showers and grey clouds. Whilst the children have enjoyed a couple of weeks of sun in the school holidays, now the rain has made its all too familiar appearance, it seems unfortunate that the garden will once again be neglected!

It’s always a delight to see your little ones enjoying the sunshine outdoors. Unfortunately, children all have the habit of wanting to reside inside when the weather takes a turn for the worse and many will see the rain or grey clouds as a pass to sit in front of the television all day. Here at Jackson Garden supplies we are passionate about everybody embracing their outdoor space and don’t think that the typical British weather should stop this. With weeks still left of the summer holidays, and rain seeming prominent, we think a wooden play house for your little ones would be a perfect investment this summer!

There are many advantages to buying a wooden play house for your garden. For instance, a wooden play house can offer hours of fun for your little ones without a games console or television in sight! It is an opportunity for them to bring their imagination to life and create their own little world. It is a place where they can play with friends and siblings or where they can just enjoy playing on their own.

Another fantastic advantage is that fun in a wooden play house is not weather permitted! Your little ones no longer only have the television to resort to when the heavens open! Feed their imagination and promote the wooden play house to them as a cute and cosy shelter from the storm with our Swiss Cottage or Bluebell Cabin range. Or why not appeal to their adventurous side and create a story line which incorporates the playhouse? Our den range of play houses may be perfect here, or our jail house range can appeal to your little rascal’s adventurous side!

Spend some quality time with your children by joining in these adventures. Or maybe you want a little peace in the house. The time they spend in the playhouse can be time for you to relax.

Not only do our wooden playhouses offer hours of entertainment, but they also look a fantastic accessory in your garden! We have a beautiful range of wooden play houses at Jacksons Garden Supplies that can make your garden look that bit more homely and appealing to the children.

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